Problems Detangling Your Natural Hair?

The key to detangling natural hair or relaxed hair starts with obtaining the proper products for your hair type.  Defining your hair type consist of a few different categories:

  1. Hair texture –  Many people refer to hair texture as the wave pattern of the hair only.  Hair texture consists of two components, how fine or coarse, how large or small a single strand of  hair is on your head. Also, the Wave Pattern – refers to how straight or curly/kinky, your hair is?  Many people have more then one type of wave pattern on their head.
  2. Hair Porosity – is defined as the hair’s ability to retain moisture.  The more porous, the easier it is for moisture to enter into the hair shaft.  The less porous the harder it is for the hair to retain moisture.

If you have the right product for your hair, when you shampoo your hair the hair should be detangled with the shampoo.  The conditioning process should just add extra softness to already soft, moisturized hair.  Proper product usage is key.  To properly detangle your hair and reduce shedding always begin detangling from ends to scalp with a wide tooth comb or brush.

Watch the video below.

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