Keep That Look!!! Easy Way to Set Your Hair

Ever have a hard time trying to maintain your hairstyle after leaving the hair salon?  When your stylist finish making your hair look fabulous and send you on your way, she never explain what comes next… home maintenance.  Here are a few quick, no-heat, tips on how to keep that look:

  • For a simple bump look just wrap your hair.
  • Want volume?  Add rollers in the top to crown area of the head and wrap remainder of the hair
  • Want to maintain curls? Add flex rods over the entire head. The size of rod determine size of curl and how much hair you rod and one time. Also, you can pin curl the hair in direction you which it to flow (size of the pin curl determine size of curl).
  • My favorite option…..SLEEP PRETTY 🙂

You can do this a few hours before an event or before bed.  When you are ready to remove your rods, pin curls, or whatever, just finger comb, shake and go.


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