Are you Ombre?

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Ombre gone wild!!!! “What is all the hype about ombre?”  This was my first thoughts when I heard about ombre hair, then shortly after I heard about ombre nails.  What? What is all this ombre consumers and companies are screaming … Continue reading


Ways to Skip the Fatty Foods During the Holidays

Many of us indulge during the holidays.  We tend to overeat, sleep, enjoy family and friends and forget to worry about the foods we eat.  During these holidays lets not bring in the new year having to lose more pounds.  … Continue reading


Atlantic City, New Jersey is a beautiful place.  It not only have tons of gambling sites and hotels but a long board walk of beautiful shopping, dining, entertainment, water sports and so much more. Check out Atlantic City.

The Taj Mahal….

The view of the beach…..

Inside the Taj Mahal

Right outside of the Casino hall

From the boardwalk…

Where to go? Where to stay?


Weight Loss Challenge Or Life Journey?

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How many times have you joined a weight loss challenge and loss weight only to gain it right back after the challenge was over?  Probably countless number of times right? You find yourself dieting and eating foods that you know … Continue reading


Get That Celeb Look for the Girl-Next-Door

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Have you every desired to have celebrity hair,  hair that always looks photo ready?   Since I was a teenager I desired to do hair, to create new looks, and help clients maintain their fashion statements.   I remember speaking with … Continue reading