What’s Your Sunday Best?

Every Sunday when I go to church, there is always one lady sporting her Sunday Best with the most fabulous hat.  I enjoy seeing the ladies dressed in their formal attire from head-to-toe and finishing their look off with their best hat.  Oh, and don’t forget the shoes that they have on that don’t stay on for the entire service, at least not at my church lol.  We do a lot of standing and praising the Almighty.  I must say, I love my church and I love hats.  But when I put on a hat, it’s probably because I’m having a bad hair day or I didn’t feel like combing my hair or didn’t have time to do so before heading off to church.  But for Sundays, why worry about  having a good Hair Day when you can have a great Hat Day?

Photo Spotted @

Photo Spotted @

Photo Spotted @

Happy Sunday,



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