Torn by Politics

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It really harden me to see all the hatred revealed in a nation that is supposed to be equal. I know that the Constitution, laws, Bill of Rights, or any other document ratified can NOT change the hearts of man. ONLY GOD CAN!!! Hatred for another race is still a factor in this country and it should not be. What are we going to do as a country to change that? Yes we can’t all agree on all things that happen for this country, but whoever takes office I pray will do what is best for majority of the American People.

This morning I saw a picture that someone posted from Jacksonville, Florida of a dummy image of the President being hung. Is this not considered a threat against the President’s life? Are there laws against such symbolic expressions of death? Is this not considered a death threat against the President? In my opinion, it is. Had Mitt won the Presidential race last night, I truly believe that no one would have had the audacity to disrespect him in the way people have disrespected the President during these past two terms.

Why are people so angry by the winnings of the President? Is it because the color of his skin? Or is it truly because the people believe that he disappointed them and he is not suited for the job? Why is it okay for one race to have been in office for 43 Presidents in a row for over a 100 years and no one expressed such hatred like this? This is ridiculous. Words can’t express how deeply hardened I am by this. It only goes to show that history as it was over 100 to 200 years ago still exist today. Their was and is a need for change and the change begun before Barack became president. The change begin back when others who were beaten, oppressed, killed, abused, or whatever decided not to let anything stop them. Because of their AUDACITY OF HOPE, the change was able to take place when Barack became president in 2008. Let’s celebrate the change of AMERICA. His presidency gives others of all nationalities hope, hope to be able to run and become president some day or to do whatever they set their mind out to do.

NOW THAT’S THE CHANGE AMERICA NEED!!! Let us unite to achieve common goals. Division is not the answer.

A family that prays together stays together.

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