Are Tights the New Accessory?

Everywhere you go you see women and children wearing tights.  Tights are like earrings or a purse, you just can’t leave the house without them.  They can be worn during the cold and summer months; you see them dressed up or down, worn with shorts, skirts,  and sweaters.   They come in different materials like spandex, polyester, and cotton which are very comfortable.  I think that is why so many people are addicted to wearing tights.

I have a few pair myself and I am dying to buy more lol.

Tights for girls>>>>>


Photo Cited

Photo Cited

Tights for women>>>>>

Photo Cited

Photo Cited

Photo Cited

“I just gotta have my tights.” 🙂  What about you?

Written by: Shan @whenbeautecalls


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