Are you Ombre?

Ombre gone wild!!!! “What is all the hype about ombre?”  This was my first thoughts when I heard about ombre hair, then shortly after I heard about ombre nails.  What? What is all this ombre consumers and companies are screaming about?  Why are people so hyped? When I finally did my research and learned what ombre was, I was like ummmm, really?

This new term used to describe what I used to call two tone or triple tone hair or nails have consumers dying to get this look.  What a difference a twist in terminology can do to hype consumers and boost sales right?  You give an old technique a new name and consumers go crazy.  The world is full of re birthing old fahsion trends by giving them new names but they come from the same parent, if you know what I mean.  😉  Nothing is new under the sun.  It has already been done before.

Today, Ombre hair and nails have become a major trend.  Although this tone or faded technique has been around, consumers are loving this look and wanting to embrace its new life.  Good bye two tone or triple tone technique, hello Ombre.  Is Ombre here to stay or will it soon fade away?

Green Ombre Nails



Written by: Shan @whenbeautecalls

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