Eczema: Stop the Fuss!!!

My daughter inherited eczema from one of my cousins and her skin has been going through many changes over the past few months.  I thought that it would go away like the doctor said it might by the time she made 1 year. She is over a year now but the problem is still here and things started to get worse.  I’ve complained to her doctor several times about the appearance of her skin and my concerns.  The doctor’s only reply was, ” buy the Aveeno hydrocortisone cream or regular cortisone cream, Aveeno Eczema body wash, oatmeal bath and Eucerin lotion, this should do the job.”

I adhered to the doctor’s expert advice and purchased all of these expensive treatments.  After continuous use, all except the oatmeal bath, didn’t give me the results that I was hoping for.  My daughter’s skin continued to appear cracked, dry in the creases of her elbows and other folds, and reddish from her digging.

Deciding to take matters into my on hands, through educating myself about Eczema, I learned invaluable tips.  Before I began my research, I started thinking about oatmeal.  I was wondering if there was more then one kind of oats?  So I decided read the ingredients on the Aveeno pack and read more on other sites to find that I could just use regular oatmeal. Today was my first day using it. I grind up the oatmeal in the blender that I used in my baby’s formula and put it in her bath. Her skin is feeling as soft and smooth as ever. What a relief?  I can use what I already buy from the store at a much affordable rate? Whew!!!


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Other tips:

  • Use humidifier if air in house is dry (helps keep skin moisturized)
  • Ain’t nothing like some good oil Vaseline (lol)
  • have an allergy test done to ensure it’s not dermatitis eczema

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Written by: Shan @whenbeautecalls

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