Breakfast on the Go: Simple Recipes

Breakfast is essential to starting your morning and getting your metabolism geared for the day.  Many people skip breakfast because they don’t know what to eat, don’t have time to eat, or just don’t want to eat.  Whatever the reason is, you need to change your routine and add some protein. 🙂

Here are some quick easy recipes and breakfast ides to try for those on the go:

Yogurt with granola.  Less than 2 minutes to prepare.


Bagel and a fruit.

It takes under 3 minutes to prepare. The bagel is rich in protein and fiber. The grapefruit is rich in Vitamin A & C. The grapefruit is citrus so it also help cut fat.


Bacon, Spinach, and Egg Omelet

Total prep and cook time about 10 minutes.  Season your egg to taste.  Cook egg like an omelet for about two minutes on medium heat, add raw spinach, cooked bacon (or allow to cook in egg), and cheese.  When done you are ready to serve and eat. Great source of protein and Vitamin A.


Berry Smoothie

Add a cup of mixed frozen berries, with 1 cup of plain vanilla yogurt or a yogurt of your choice, and a cup of milk or juice of your choice.  Blend for about 2 minutes.  Pour into a glass and go.


Hope you all are ready to start grabbing some breakfast and getting that metabolism going.

Cheers to better mornings,


All photos are photos of whenBEAUTEcalls


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