Meet Great In-Home Fitness Trainers

Personal trainers are very effective in getting you started on the right track with your fitness goals.  Hiring a personal trainer to help aid in your weight loss and or body building process can be costly for most.  This is why I decided to hire in-home trainers. ***wink***  I hired the fabulous fitness trainer, Denise Austin, Billy Blanks, and Mindy.  The great thing about my trainers is I only paid them one time,  I can press play at anytime and get my workout on.

tae boe workouts

the trainers

Miss fitness mama,  Denise Austin has a variety of workouts ranging from: Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing, Interval training, you name it.  She has it.  I love Denise’s workouts because to me, they cater more to women.  You don’t have to worry about getting over-toned (if that is a word lol).  With her workouts you will definitely keep a more feminine appearance.  Tae Bo, is what Billy Blanks is known for.  He has trained others through his DVDs across the world with his Tae Bo, Martial Arts techniques.  I enjoy Tae Bo because it really gets me going and I like the kickboxing moves and variety.  Tae Bo is the workout that I do regularly, I squeeze the others in maybe once or twice a week.  You will definitely get results doing the high intense workout.  Doing Tae Bo I lost about 8 inches in my waist within the first 3 months.  Who don’t want to shed inches around their waist? When Tae Bo becomes too much and I’m winded, I use ole Mindy.  LOL.  She is an instructor of  this Glide video that I have.  I like to use her for more of a moderate cardio.  Working out with the gliding disc that she uses to train you in the video are very effective as well.

Enough about my trainers, lets get to the real.  I struggled for about two years, to drop thirty pounds, never reaching my goal, not even coming close.  Determined to make a change, I made a change.  It was time to add a regular workout routine to my schedule.  I started consistently working out using Tae Bo last October.   I was about 40lbs of my ideal weight for myself and I knew something had to be done.  After about 8 months of training with Billy Blanks without changing my eating habits resulted in lost of  inches and not much weight.  Ugh!!!  Of course  I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t.   I knew that I had come to far to turn back around at this point, I knew that my eating was affecting my weight loss results.

You must also understand that you must be patient with your results.  Many of us want instant results but instant results bring instant weight gain.  I wanted more permanent results.  Do you?  Also know, that through bad eating practices your metabolism may have been slowed tremendously and have to get back on track.  This may be the cause of slower weight loss results, which I have come to the conclusion that, that was my problem lol. In June I decided to try to go on a 5 day detox, to see if I was ready to change my eating habits.  You won’t change what you eat until you are disciplined to do so.  Trust me, I know.  I’ve tried calorie counting, it failed.  I tried going on diets that I knew I wouldn’t stick to, they failed.

With determination and discipline, to my surprise, the detox went great.  My detox included only eating oats, nuts, fruits and veggies.  I chose to do this, not because of something I got from someone else, but because I thought this would be a great way to detox and jump start my weight loss and it was, I lost like 5lbs instantly.  From that point on, I knew that I could discipline myself enough to eat better foods and leave the junk alone.  Now, I’m down 25lbs with 15 more to my goal.  I continue to eat what I like and want, I just control the amount.  I don’t eat as many sweets, although I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE me some ice cream lol.  My mouth is watering now, but my body and my health is more important.

In this journey, for me, it is now greater then just loosing weight, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We are the true savers of our health….what we eat daily can either harm or help prevent future health problems.  Diet is what you eat, therefore dieting is unnecessary.   Commit to making small changes within your diet at a time then they will become big changes overtime.  Watch and see.


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