Sale: Are You Really Getting A Deal?

Sale - Bags

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During this time of the year many people are lured by “sale” signs. They pile up the aisle of the clothing, shoe, and toy stores to find the best deal ever. Question is “ARE YOU REALLY GETTING A DEAL?”

Last night, I decided to go into a store, I won’t say the name, to purchase some jeans for my kid. We arrived at the store and it was packed more than normal. Of course, around this time of year that is expected. We rushed over to the jeans, they were on sale. The sale was “BOGO” (buy one get one) half off. Many people would probably ran away with this sale idea, but not me, I had to stop and calculate, lol.

The jeans are regularly priced at $58, before the holiday sale, the jeans are normally on sale at $34.99. Tell me if I’m crazy but, if I had bought one pair of jeans at $58 and I got the other jeans at half off my total would be $87 without tax. On a regular sale day if I purchased the jeans at $34.99 and bought a second pair my total would be $69.98 without tax. With this “so called” sale, I would save about $17 buying the jeans on a regular sale day. Right? You do the math.

I feel for those people who don’t go into that store often, they are getting ripped off. For those who do go in the store often and just buy on “sales impulse” they need help. You have just been jerked…lol. Again I ask, “are you really getting a deal?”

Written by: Shan

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