New Year’s Resolution: Drop 30lbs by April and Get Jamaica-Body Ready :)



This was on January 2, 2009 when I made this note that I wanted to drop 30lbs.  Guess it was my new years resolution.  But yep, it failed because I wasn’t ready to really loose weight and discipline myself.   So guess what?  I remained at that weight and after I had my baby I gained 10lbs to add to the 30lbs I already wanted to loose.  Some might say ooh that’s baby fat. Nope after so many weeks post delivery it’s all yours baby. Lol. No for real it is.

Now you see I’ve battled to drop 30lbs for like 3 years but I didn’t because I wasn’t willing to change.  Between the end of last year and now is when I changed and because of change I see results.   Now I’m down 25lbs with 15 to go because of my baby fat lol. Just kidding.  I am pushing forward to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle from this point forward.  I recognize that no amount of dieting, calorie counting, barely eating, will do anything for your overall health.  It is only a temporary change, but when you create a lifestyle out of being healthy, once you loose the weight you will gain good health.

Point is, you won’t do anything until you are ready, no new years resolution, no person, or anything can change you until you are ready. Make everyday resolutions, declaring to be different or better daily. Why wait til a new year or new day? What if that day never come?


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