Make Cooking Fun: Have Fun with Food

I’m an artist at heart.  I love all things to be beautiful, to be presented in the best possible way ever, down to the food that reach my plate.  It was not until my husband and the food channel helped me realize the art in food that I began to enjoy cooking.  Now I cook for fun, not for food lol.

Cooking is a good thing.  It helps me to keep my family and myself out of the drive thru lines of the “fat food” chains.  Yes I said “fat” and not fast because being in their lines too often will definitely get you fat.  Trust me, I know and I’m sure many of you realize it too.  If you haven’t you better wake up and take a look at America and you if it’s you.

When I cook, I want the food to be pretty from the pan to the plate.  I purposely make my family’s plates so that I can set the food on it just the way I want it.  My kids probably can’t wait to eat, just to see how their plate is going to look before they get started lol.  It’s really like food decorating. It’s like a high for me to cook on most days.   When I don’t feel like cooking I feel kinda bad, but I must say I really enjoy cooking for my family.

Take a look at some of the plates my husband and I created:

Potato and Veggie Dish

veggie dish

Homemade Vegetarian Chili

homemade chili

Homemade Hash Browns

Homemade hash browns

Orange Juice Delight

moscato and oj

Spinach Quiche

spinach quiche

Salmon Crockett and Egg Scramble

this how we do it

Cheers to Fun with Food,

Shan, M.C.

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