Tia Mowry’s New Core Yoga DVD

Most of us look at celebrities and think that they are just picture perfect: perfect body, perfect hair, perfect makeup.  Just plan ole perfect.  They are just regular ole people behind closed doors, we only get to see them in their best moments.  Truth be told they suffer from many of the same things that we “regular” folks do such as weight gain.  Tia, stated that post pregnancy she gained about sixty pounds, so she turned to Yoga, to help her get her body back in shape.  Inspired by her weight loss journey and realizing that her journey inspired her fans.  Tia partnered with Yoga Instructor Tara Stiles to produce her first Yoga DVD.  Way to go Tia.  I will be purchasing my Core Yoga DVD soon.



Lose Weight & Learn Self Defense

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There are several workout options and regimens that promote cardiovascular and strength training, body sculpting and body shaping.  These workouts are normally separate segments, not combined as one.  Trying to fit in different routines to ensure that you are creating … Continue reading


Make Cooking Fun: Have Fun with Food

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I’m an artist at heart.  I love all things to be beautiful, to be presented in the best possible way ever, down to the food that reach my plate.  It was not until my husband and the food channel helped … Continue reading


New Year’s Resolution: Drop 30lbs by April and Get Jamaica-Body Ready :)

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  This was on January 2, 2009 when I made this note that I wanted to drop 30lbs.  Guess it was my new years resolution.  But yep, it failed because I wasn’t ready to really loose weight and discipline myself.   … Continue reading


Meet Great In-Home Fitness Trainers

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Personal trainers are very effective in getting you started on the right track with your fitness goals.  Hiring a personal trainer to help aid in your weight loss and or body building process can be costly for most.  This is … Continue reading


Weight Loss Challenge Or Life Journey?

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How many times have you joined a weight loss challenge and loss weight only to gain it right back after the challenge was over?  Probably countless number of times right? You find yourself dieting and eating foods that you know … Continue reading

Fitness Friday’s: Want fast Results???

Many of us wish to look at ourself and change the way we look instantly. REALITY…we can’t!!!  In order to become a healthier person begins with what we put into our bodies and having a strong will power.  It also takes hard work and dedication, sore achy bones and muscles, and days of feeling like…you just…want…to…give…up.  When I begin a workout regimen, my mind tells me I should feel results in one workout and see them in two. LOL. Do your mind tell you the same?  Well…maybe not.  I’m sure you wish to see results in a week or two instead of months down the road right?   Right….a few weeks of achy bodies and hungry tummies is about all we can stand.  And then………we tend to linger into our old ways, but people who lose weight too soon will more than likely gain the weight back even sooner.  Slower………………………………………………. is better. 

I’ve noticed that people like myself, that may be overweight by 20 to 30 pounds may have a harder time trying to shed their pounds than a person that is considered fat or obese.  They tend to lose weight much faster.  I believe it’s because their bodies is used doing little to no form of exercise versus our bodies that may receive moderate forms of exercise but not enough to cause the body to shed enough calories to lose weight.  At times I become very frustrated with my weight because I am aiming to lose weight but the scale remains the same for weeks at a time.  I am still proud of myself for shedding inches and slimming though….thus far I have shed about 3 inches off my waist since October with about 4 inches to go by Spring time.  My results won’t come fast, but when I have reached my goal I will be extremely overjoyed by the results and committment I put into changing my life. 

 I challenge you to stay encouraged and don’t give up on the scale when it doesn’t read the numbers you wish to see.



Fitness Friday’s The Results: 10 pounds in 10 days

Friday, December 16, made the 10th day for my 10 pound challenge.  During these past 10 days I have been eating at least 5 healthy light meals throughout the day along with 30 plus minutes of exercise.  My exercises mainly consisted of doing workout videos that included dancing, martial arts, or some other form of fat burning cardio routine.  Over the course of this week and a half, I have learned self-discipline and I am proud to say that……………………………………………….

Drum rolls please……………………………………………………..

I am down 4 pounds, I didn’t make my goal but I am only 6 pounds shy of been 10 pounds lighter.  I lost 1/2 inch off my mid section and thighs, and 1/4 of an inch off my hips.

I am so proud of me.

Here’s to the next 6 pounds!!!!!!