Make Cooking Fun: Have Fun with Food

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I’m an artist at heart.  I love all things to be beautiful, to be presented in the best possible way ever, down to the food that reach my plate.  It was not until my husband and the food channel helped … Continue reading


New Year’s Resolution: Drop 30lbs by April and Get Jamaica-Body Ready :)

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  This was on January 2, 2009 when I made this note that I wanted to drop 30lbs.  Guess it was my new years resolution.  But yep, it failed because I wasn’t ready to really loose weight and discipline myself.   … Continue reading


Ways to Skip the Fatty Foods During the Holidays

Many of us indulge during the holidays.  We tend to overeat, sleep, enjoy family and friends and forget to worry about the foods we eat.  During these holidays lets not bring in the new year having to lose more pounds.  … Continue reading


Atlantic City, New Jersey is a beautiful place.  It not only have tons of gambling sites and hotels but a long board walk of beautiful shopping, dining, entertainment, water sports and so much more. Check out Atlantic City.

The Taj Mahal….

The view of the beach…..

Inside the Taj Mahal

Right outside of the Casino hall

From the boardwalk…

Where to go? Where to stay?

CAUTION: Vitamin Supplements


I begin taking a Vitamin A&D supplement about a week and a half ago. During a weekend my weight went up like 4lbs. I thought that it was due to me eating greasy foods over the weekend while at a ladies retreat. I was feeling bloated and my digestive system wasn’t releasing properly. I was so confused as to why I gained the weight in such a short time and I came to realize what I had did differently, I was taking the Vitamin A&D supplement.

I started researching the Vitamins possible side effects. To my discovery, I learned that taking Vitamin D supplements can cause constipation (which I was experiencing over this past week) and other side effects. This is not the first time that I have experienced side effects from taking a Vitamin Supplement. I encourage each of you to not only read the benefits of Vitamins but possible side effects before purchasing the product. Just like regular medicines, if it not natural (getting it from the food) it can have an effect on you because it is processed.

My weight is now back down to where it was before. The weight loss journey continues 🙂