Tia Mowry’s New Core Yoga DVD

Most of us look at celebrities and think that they are just picture perfect: perfect body, perfect hair, perfect makeup.  Just plan ole perfect.  They are just regular ole people behind closed doors, we only get to see them in their best moments.  Truth be told they suffer from many of the same things that we “regular” folks do such as weight gain.  Tia, stated that post pregnancy she gained about sixty pounds, so she turned to Yoga, to help her get her body back in shape.  Inspired by her weight loss journey and realizing that her journey inspired her fans.  Tia partnered with Yoga Instructor Tara Stiles to produce her first Yoga DVD.  Way to go Tia.  I will be purchasing my Core Yoga DVD soon.



Lose Weight & Learn Self Defense

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There are several workout options and regimens that promote cardiovascular and strength training, body sculpting and body shaping.  These workouts are normally separate segments, not combined as one.  Trying to fit in different routines to ensure that you are creating … Continue reading


Make Cooking Fun: Have Fun with Food

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I’m an artist at heart.  I love all things to be beautiful, to be presented in the best possible way ever, down to the food that reach my plate.  It was not until my husband and the food channel helped … Continue reading


Ways to Skip the Fatty Foods During the Holidays

Many of us indulge during the holidays.  We tend to overeat, sleep, enjoy family and friends and forget to worry about the foods we eat.  During these holidays lets not bring in the new year having to lose more pounds.  … Continue reading


Weight Loss Challenge Or Life Journey?

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How many times have you joined a weight loss challenge and loss weight only to gain it right back after the challenge was over?  Probably countless number of times right? You find yourself dieting and eating foods that you know … Continue reading

Fitness Friday’s: Sexy Fitness Mama Denise Austin

Denise Austin has been an instructor for many, many years.

  She looks great to be a mother of two.  She don’t have any fat on her body and her abs looks great.

I love to workout with Denise.  She keeps you looking lean, sexy, and feminine.  During my pregnancy I used her Fit & Firm Pregnancy DVD.  When I had my little one I snapped back to my pre pregnancy body only shy of a few pounds of my pre pregnancy weight.

Her Fat Blasting Yoga DVD is the bomb!!! But you can’t do it too many days in the row, your body will ache.  But you will see results and feel great!!!!!!!!! ::::))))))))))

Thanks Denise