Makeup Monday’s: What about Makeup?

Hello everyone, it’s Makeup Monday’s.  Today, I want to share what I like about makeup the most and what I hated about it too.  In the past, I didn’t like makeup because I thought of makeup as only the foundation that women used to cape their faces with creams and powders that didn’t match their skin tone.  I saw so many women who had waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too much foundation on and it was either too dark or too light making them appear ghost like or like they had a tan.  I also thought that makeup was just for those people who thought that they were not attractive and for those who wanted to hide blemishes, not for a girl like me, who love their skin as it is.  Naturally beautiful.

I specifically remember this lady who taught at my old high school who came to work everyday looking like she was two different people because her foundation was extremely too light for her dark complexion.  She must have had really bad skin.  Gesh.   I wondered why no one ever showed her the foundation for her skin tone or maybe she thought that she was looking good. I don’t know, lol, but it was horrible.

The thing I love most about makeup application is the brows.  If you have too little, you can fill them in, if you have too much you can wax, tweeze, thread, or razor them away.  The eyebrows are like the diamonds of the face.  With just a little polishing of the brows it can make a person look more appealing than those who don’t chose to shape their brows.  I love to shape and fill in my naturally thin brows.  I love to make them appear thicker than they really are.  When I apply brow color to my brows, it make me look refreshed and compliments my face.  When my brows are nice and clean, along with my hair, I just feel so good about my whole appearance.  Now I realize, not all makeup is bad, some people just make it look bad.