Lose Weight & Learn Self Defense

There are several workout options and regimens that promote cardiovascular and strength training, body sculpting and body shaping.  These workouts are normally separate segments, not combined as one.  Trying to fit in different routines to ensure that you are creating a balance within your workout regimen can be very time consuming.  This is why I look to Tae Bo for variety.

For over a year, I have been training with Tae Bo and I love it.  I enjoy the workouts because they are high energy.  When I first started Tae Bo, I was extremely exhausted.  The first fifteen minutes were like hell and many times I couldn’t complete the routine because I was too out of breath to do so.   I may completed about thirty minutes of the fifty plus minute workout.  Determined to get through the whole workout, eventually, I made it through.  Now it’s a breeze on most days.

Looking back, for certain techniques that were used, I realized that I was unbalanced on one side.  Meaning, what I could do on my right side with the kick boxing or whatever the technique was, it was more challenging to do the same on the other side.  Over time, through continues practice, both sides developed now  I don’t feel flick-ted (lol) anymore.

With Tae Bo workouts, I have gained strength, flexibility (now Yoga stretches aren’t so hard for me now :)), endurance, sculpting and toning.  You will burn tons of calories, which may mean you will seem extra hungry at first.  I know I did.  OH and let me not forget, I’m sure I can kick some but now. LOL So you too will learn self-defense through the Martial Arts and kick boxing techniques.

self defense

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Let’s kick some butt,

By: Shan

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